Hey. Welcome to my little blog. I intend to write about free apps.. And whatever else strikes my fancy. (Occasional life topics or psycological musings may show up to my embaressment. Also I really like music so I may rail upon the state of modern pop artists from time to time). But... Back to the apps. My standard is VERY high.. Most definitley higher than yours. No cheap ripoffs or poorly developed programs here.

My criteria will be based around a couple things (This isn't necessarily a final list: it may get added to, changed, deleted alltogether, or eaten by my dog. Or all of the above.)

1. Free. Apps featured here will always be 100% or more free. Deal with it.

2. Quality. Apps featured here will always (Or at least most of the time) be the cream of the crop.

3. Can't think of a number Three.

4. My apps will always be here to better your life. Wether relaxing with a good game, getting stuff done, or just adding bells and whistles to your device.. I will make sure you never get a hold of apps that could potentially harm your wellbeing.

5. (For future develomment)

I hope I'll in some small way be able to keep you entertained, increase your productivity, let you experience games that truly amaze, and generally make your IOS or Android experience better, more productive, and of course more fun. All for 0 dollars down.

My, what a sales pitch.

Taf out.

(I intend to grow this blog by word of mouth.. No cheapskate advertizing or spamming. So if you find yourself coming back here more than once, feel free to pass the word on).


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