There really isn't much to say about today's app. After all, it only takes around ten minutes to "complete" the whole experience. The "game" features a single black screen as its graphics; as the description proudly proclaims, it is "full of stunning HD graphics you'll never get to see". 

Be not fooled: the decades old adage of geeks everywhere, "graphics are not everything" rings ever so poignantly with players of this "game". For this is an experience related not through stunning shader effects and overdone lens flare, but through an underrated and under appreciated sense: Sound. Through good narrating, sharp sound effects, and an emotional soundtrack, this short narrative  springs to life in the listeners mind.

The story takes place in an authoritarian dictatorship where all forms of the arts have been removed. The protagonist became involved in some of this illegal art, and as punishment the courts decreed he must have his eyes burned out. Depressed, this hollow shell of what once was a brilliant architect must navigate his environment, seeking his own death.

Really, the less you know of the story the more you will become involved in the experience. As the story progresses you will find yourself on the edge of your seat, and when the final chords of the soundtrack are struck you will sit back and marvel at what an awesome creations ears, eyes, and indeed all of the senses truly are. You will never want to take these gifts for granted again.

Blindscape is a masterpiece, an unorthodox piece of minimalistic storytelling that, while it lacks in length or any real depth in plot or storyline, will have your ears sharply tuned right till the very end, taking in the "world" around you. 

Bottom line? Get the app. Let it get under your skin. Really let it affect you. It will stay with you. 

Dem feels!

All for zero dollars down.

Taf out.


08/11/2013 2:38pm

Thanks for such a thorough and heartfelt review of my game. Reading reactions like this really make it all worthwhile.

08/13/2013 2:40pm

This sounds neat! I'm downloading it right away!


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